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Some Useful Online Poker tips for you

Online poker might not differ very much from poker played in a real casino or with your friends, but you should know a few things before you start your game. Here are a few tips which will help you not to get lost in the world of online poker. Here they come!

When you play in an online poker room, you might lack some of the information which trades your opponents: you can’t see a smile, a happy or sad look when they take a look at the cards. Of course, these were very obvious signs which give you helpful information, besides these there are others signs which might give away even the best poker player. You can see all these signs when you play online, of course you should not take what I said literally, but there are enough signs in an online poker game too. Let us talk about them a little bit. First of all, you should take a look at the other’s playing speed. A quick decision might be the sign of weakness, while a player, who plays slowly, usually uses some kind of strategy, and he is calculating his odds when he has a high hand. You can always check the truth of this statement at showdown.

Another sign is if the player uses the check boxes. You should know that in an online poker room there are checkboxes, like: fold, raise any, and call any. You can easily notice if a player is using one of these checkboxes, because his game play becomes very quick, he responds in an instant. From here you can think it through alone: if he had checked ‘raise any’, it is quite obvious that he has a strong hand. Of course, if ‘fold’ is checked, it means the exact opposite. You should be aware of the checkboxes, and I suggest, you should not use them, this way the others won’t be aware of your hand.

The most obvious sign of a good hand is the chat box. If a player who has been talkative during the game, stops chatting, you should consider the chance he has a really good hand. But the reverse is true too: if a player did not chat during the game, and he started chatting, it means that he has a good hand. Take care! This last group might be bluffing! You will be able to make a difference between a good hand and a bluff in a few games, do not worry. There is another thing you should pay attention while you play: some players become nervous, they usually use abusive language while chatting with the others. Usually these players are overcome by their emotions, and they are not capable of making the right decision. You should take advantage of the things you just noticed! You can see now that the chat box can really help you, but if you consider that it is disturbing and you can not concentrate, you should mute one, or even all the players. Think about it before you mute a player, you could see that the chat box offers you great advantages!

Now that you know what to look for in other player’s behavior, you should focus on your own behavior! The other players might look for the same mistakes! So keep these tips in your mind, and you will see how helpful they are. But in poker not everything is about the other players. You should be aware of your own behavior, and avoid these mistakes. This way the others will have absolutely no clue how high is your hand.

Of course, there are some tips which apply to both online and real poker. The most important tip is to always play clear headed! If you had a drink or two before playing, your judgment won’t be as clear as it should be, and you know: in poker every mistake costs you money! So you would better not drink at all when you know that you will play! Do not be as most beginners: if they do not win, they loose their temper, they become nervous, in other words they let themselves overcome by their emotions. You should not ever do that! When you are guided by emotions, you usually make the wrong decisions, you do not stay ant think it through, you just act. And as we already discussed it, in poker you pay for every mistake you make. One very important tip, both for real and online poker is that you should practice a lot. Even if you know the basic rules of poker by heart, you should practice. Poker is a game of skill, and you should never forget that. If you haven’t played poker for a while, you might want to start by playing online for free, this way you can regain your forgotten poker skills.

. It is very important to practice, because this way you can prepare yourself for every situation which might occur in a game. And the main goal of poker is to make the right decision at the right time. If you manage to do that, you have won yourself a jackpot!

You could see that there are some specific tips, which apply only to online poker, but there are tips which go both for online and real poker. You should take into account all the tips discussed in this article, it will really improve your game and they can help you win the pot you have been dreaming of. Also, by knowing to what you should pay attention in the behavior of other players, you won’t make the same mistakes. So it is really worth to pay attention to a few things, here is a short list to remind you: the chat box, the other player’s language, the checkboxes and the quickness of their play. If you manage to pay attention to all these, and you can still concentrate on your game, you will be a winner. After all, poker needs quite good distributive attention too. The main tip remains the same: in order to be really good, you should practice, practice, practice! Now go get started! Good luck!

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