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An introduction to Video Poker

One of the best-known and most popular card games in North America is Poker. It became exceedingly popular in U.S. in the mid 1830's, initially spreading from the Mississippi & Ohio rivers to the east coast via the railroads. For many years, the game has remained the same; the introduction of the jokers as wildcards in around 1875 can be considered as the last significant change.

A close relative of the regular game of poker is Video Poker and is derived from a blend of slot machines & five-card draw poker. The chief difference between  regular Poker game & Video Poker game is that you are playing the game in opposition to a machine rather than real people, and the goal is to achieve particular hands instead of to beat opponent’s hands (since there are no other players).

The game of Video Poker has been possible only because of the creation of the computer chip. Thus it has only been around since the middle of 1970's. Video Poker refers to several similar games of poker. Though each of these games has slightly different rules and payoffs, they are played in similar fashion.

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